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I offer unique, unconventional and affordable bodywork services.

Rehabilitating from injuries or surgery?  Therapeutic massage is exactly what you will need to recoup faster. I have had tremendous success with clients in all aspects of rehab. 

Chronic Pain? I do a lot of work releasing the tight muscles that may be causing the pain, many times it is not a structural problem as muscles contribute to major pain issues as well. If inflamed, a muscle can restrict a nerve, restrict movement, cramp and cause referred pain. It is very wise to see me if these are happening to you. Medications, braces, surgeries can help you feel better, but not resolve your issue.

Massage benefits everyone at every age. It is my goal to make your massage experience relaxing, healing and enjoyable. Bodywork and muscle release offer benefits that will assist with weight loss, chronic pain management, stress relief and relaxation. There are many techniques and modalities I use to assist in achieving the best results. Some techniques are Deep Tissue, Swedish, Muscle Release, Trigger Point, Neuromuscular; some modalities are Sport, Pregnancy, Infant etc.


I look forward to chatting with you and discussing your needs.





Located at Olivers Pond complex

210 Humphrey St. #214A

Marblehead, MA





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